Build with the trusted and one of the most popular H3 exterior timbers, Woodhouse Weatherproof®. Every Weatherproof product is pre-primed pink and LOSP treated ready for installation and final top coating.

Woodhouse Edgeline® is a range of eco-friendly, timber mouldings for indoor use. Available in a variety of profiles and sizes, it is pre-primed with a multi-coat and ready for final finish.

Woodhouse MDF Mouldings are used as skirtings, architraves, door jambs and lining boards. Machine coated with acrylic primer to make installation quicker and easier.

Engineered so that the wood grain runs vertically along each length, optimising performance and appearance.

Woodhouse TerraFrame® is a range of next-generation, outdoor structural timber products treated to H4 with Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) preservative and designed specifically for in-ground and on-ground applications.