Wood – The Ultimate Renewable

Woodhouse Timber Company is committed to sustainability and responsible timber practices. By choosing Woodhouse timber, you help take care  of the world’s forests. Learn more at Radiata pine is grown in New Zealand as an exotic species from the Monterey peninsular in California.The Resource Management Act 1991 (NZ) places several requirements on forest growers, including the need to consider employment, social, cultural and environmental impacts. This results in a level of environmental responsibility that does not exist in other countries. Most plantation forest owners have adopted the New Zealand Forest Owners’ Environmental Code of Practice for Plantation Forestry (2007). The code of practice covers areas including the protection of waterways, endangered species, historical sites, sediment control and the management of fuel, oil and wastes. Afforestation with Radiata pine rehabilitates previously farmed soils by reducing compaction caused by stock, with soil condition improving with subsequent rotations.