Our Weatherproof and Edgeline range comes pre-primed and ready for final coating. Weatherproof timber is factory primed pink using Dulux Industrial paint. As timber is a natural product, the use of light colours for top coats is recommended. Dark colours could have the potential to increase temperature and lead to resin bleeds. Our Weatherproof timber comes with a 25 year warranty which includes blistering, peeling and flaking of the primer.

  • Ensure that the primed timber is free from any dirt, oil or any other surface contaminants. Remove thoroughly by wiping clean or lightly sanding.
  • Optimum performance of any Woodhouse Weatherproof® product is achieved when the finishing topcoats are applied within 8 weeks of installation. If the primer appears to, or becomes chalky or loose, lightly sand these areas as required and re-prime with a premium quality primer. Seal any cut ends prior to installation with a preservative end sealer as required, followed by a quality primer to ensure the treatment envelope is resealed.
  • The LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) treatments used in the Woodhouse Weatherproof® range are non-corrosive with conventional fittings that have been classified as hot dipped galvanised.
  • Fill any defects or nail holes with wood putty. Sand to an even finish and spot prime all affected areas.
  • Apply 2 topcoats of either quality acrylic or solvent based paint to the prepared product
  • To achieve the best performance of your Woodhouse Weatherproof® product, maintain the finishing coat system as per the topcoat manufacturer’s instructions, re-applying as directed or as needed.
  • Seal cut ends and penetration points with wood preservative and primer

Topcoat Colour Selection When choosing topcoats, select lighter colours with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 45 to 100 (Pure white = 100). Dark colours with a LRV of 44 or less will generate high surface temperatures increasing the risk of resin bleed, cracking, distortion and the long term performance of the topcoating system.