NCC Changes – Cladding

In response to recent fires and the use of combustible cladding on some high rise buildings, The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has proposed changes to its National Construction Code (NCC). These changes have affected the use and applications of timber cladding products in some circumstances.

There is so much confusion and mis-information flying around in the media. Most of it is incorrect so here are some key facts…

  • Fact 1: The building code amendment does not come in to effect until 2020
  • Fact 2: It only applies to Class 2 and Class 3 buildings (residential apartment buildings and residential parts of hotels, motels, boarding houses)
  • Fact 3: Timber cladding can be used on ALL Class 1 buildings (houses, townhouses and apartments). Code changes do NOT apply to Class 1
  • Fact 4: Timber is still the ultimate renewable and still the preferred choice

If you want to read the full details, the Advisory Note can be viewed on the ACBC website

Local installations of Dasso fused-bamboo

The Dasso fused-bamboo decking and cladding are being installed across Australia as interest and popularity of this durable and hard-wearing product grows. A new apartment building in central Brisbane has used this for their 26th floor pool decking and fire-pit area. Full product details are now available on our website. Contact Woodhouse Timber to find your nearest retailer.

Dasso fused-bamboo now available from Woodhouse

The worldwide success story of Dasso fused bamboo is now available in Australia. Solid high density board made from bamboo strips suitable for outdoor applications. An extremely dense, durable, exterior-used product composed of 87% natural, fused strand bamboo fibres and 13% resin. Because nutrients are removed from the bamboo fibre, the material no longer attracts bacteria, fungus, mould or bugs