What guidelines do I need to follow when handling, cutting and installing Weatherproof® products?

Ensure that all Weatherproof products are kept dry and away from moisture prior to installation to minimise the potential of degradation on-site.  It is advisable to wear appropriate protective equipment when handling, cutting and working with all Weatherproof.  Gloves, dust mask and goggles are recommended to protect against dust and airborne particles.  Fill any nail holes and defects with a wood filler, sand and spot prime to restore the coating.   Coat any exposed timber with an in-can preservative resealer (such as Protim XJ or Tanalised Enseal) and then re-coat with a quality primer (acrylic or oil based) prior to final finishing.  The important points to remember are to reseal the protective barrier created by the LOSP and then re-apply a primer to repair the coating.
Category: Construction