NO.  Definitely not. The Woodhouse Weatherproof Pink Primer has been developed by PPG Architectural Coatings Australia Pty. Ltd., one of the leading Australian architectural and decorative paint manufacturers who market the Taubmans, Bristol and White Knight brands of decorative coatings. The pink primer is a premium grade, industrial oil based coating that has been factory applied to ensure its fit for purpose, and readiness for installation and final top coating.  Being a genuine primer, all products can be finished with 2 applications of premium acrylic, or enamel topcoat paints.
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Yes.  Once all Woodhouse Weatherproof® is installed, make sure that the Pink Primer is intact and has not suffered any degrade or damage while on site or during installation.  If there some areas that need attention, use a quality timber wood filler if necessary, lightly sand and apply a quality primer (acrylic or oil based) to touch up.  Follow this up with two topcoats of a quality paint to complete the job.  Maintain your project according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
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When choosing topcoats we suggest selecting lighter colours with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 45 to 100 (Pure white = 100). Dark colours with a LRV of 44 or less will generate high surface temperatures increasing the risk of resin bleed, cracking, distortion and the long term performance of the topcoating system.
Category: Painting

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