For dassoCTECH use Woca Teak

For dassoXTR use Woca Natural or Woca Walnut

Category: Fused-Bamboo

Fused Bamboo is manufactured using Dasso’s patented process, which combines two stages of high heat to first carbonize the bamboo, removing all of the starch and sugar, and then restructure the bamboo, reinforcing its natural strength characteristics. The modified bamboo strands are then fused together using phenolic resin – the same resins used to make bowling balls. The result is an extremely dense, durable exterior-use product composed of 87% natural, fused strand bamboo fibers and 13% resin. It looks and acts much like other natural hardwood products. Because the Fused Bamboo does not include rays or knots like natural woods, it has a much more flawless appearance and resistance to shrinkage. This consistent grain structure also allows for a very even weight distribution adding to its durability.

Category: Fused-Bamboo

Yes. Unlike most hardwoods, which must grow for 50 years or more before they can be harvested, bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can be harvested every 5-7 years. This makes bamboo one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable building products available. In addition, Dasso fused bamboo contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Category: Fused-Bamboo

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