Woodhouse Clear GrainTM Exterior is a range of decorative and joinery timbers manufactured from New Zealand radiata pine that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standards. Each product in the range has been engineered so that the wood grain runs vertically along each length, optimising performance and appearance in service. These timbers, all laminated and primed, come in different sizes yet consistent lengths, and can be used for both internal and external purposes. External Clear Grain is H3 LOSP-treated and can be installed in a variety of exterior, above-ground applications. After profiling and treating the timbers, Intergrain Universal™ Timber Oil primer is applied to protect them from exposure to sunlight, rain and humidity during installation and ensure that the finished products are ready for final top coating. Guaranteed to last with a 15 year warranty. Looks like hardwood but at softwood price points. Click here to download our Clear Grain Exterior Product Guide.