Cladding Installation

Cladding Fixing Advice

General guidelines for cladding installation are outlined in the schematic below. Consult the National Construction Code for detailed recommendations that may apply to your particular application.

Overlap boards by aligning the rebate on the back face.

Fixing Position: 35mm from butt end of the Weatherboard and 25mm for Chamferboard

Fixing Selection: 60mm x 2.8mm flat head nails for hardwood frames or 60mm x 3.05mm flat head (ring shank) nails for softwood frames.

Cladding should be fixed at no more than 650mm centres measured along the board.
Use in above ground applications not in direct contact with the ground. All structures must be supported on galvanised post supports with sufficient ground clearance.

Fixing Choice
Use hot dipped fixings, nails and bolts for all installations. In coastal applications, stainless steel fixings may be required.
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